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A’daila is one of the most undiscovered musicians around. She is a talented singer/songwriter and keyboardist who has performed all over Europe and U.S.A.  Her song list includes songs from a variety of artists and different styles of music. 
Her vocal influences are: Chaka Khan, Faith Evans, Bonnie Ratt, Stevie Wonder, Luther Vandross, all gospel, R&B, and House Music singers.
Piano influences are: Bud Powell, Wynton Kelly, and Stevie Wonder
Jazz influences are:  Miles Davis, Dizzy, and Bunky Green
Hip Hop influences are: 50 Cent, Lil' Jon, Kanye West, Missy Elliot and Black Eyed Peas
Growing up in Chicago Illinois, A’daila knew at a very early age that she wanted to play piano, sing and write music.
During high school,  she would participate in the choir and took music lessons from a neighborhood musician/songwriter Mr. Dave Holder, who laid down the foundation of music.
After Graduating from High school, she wanted to learn more about music and the different types of music. So she studied under the wings of Bunky Green (the Director of the Chicago State Jazz program and the Jazz band) who gave her the foundation of Jazz and the different colors of chords and improvisation.
Because comptemporary  Jazz was a total new inanity to A’daila, she had to practice 6-8 hours a day (learning complex chords) for a semester before she could join the Chicago State Jazz Band as the piano player.. The old piano player left and it was perfect timing, for her. A’daila stepped right on in as the main piano player and would sing and arrange her songs for the 20 piece band to play.
After a couple of years, she out grew the band and wanted to explore new territory. She moved to Los Angeles, California and attended Los Angels City College where she learned about classical music, arranging for bands, and all instruments of the orchestra. During this time,  she would go to school, work a non-music part-time job, "Gig" at night and "network" with some of the most influential people in the business to polish her craft.
A'daila studied a little classical piano under Mr. Felix Ganz and Classical Voice under Mr. Robert Long.
A’daila performed in numerous L.A. Clubs, done a few "bit" parts in over ten Major movies and would "Hang-Out" at the after hour clubs for their "Jam" sessions. While still growing musically, she met Miles Davis who had a major impact on her and her uninhibited approach toward life and music.
Because of the innate urge to move at a faster pace, she then left LA for New York and New Jersey,  where she is currently residing with her son .  (Who is her  inspiration, best fan and best critic).  A'daila continues to perform in NJ and NY clubs.  Recently at the Iridium  Jazz Club in New York.
In addition to having played in numerous clubs and "bit parts" in a few major movies, A’daila has toured with several groups and as a solo artist all over the USA and Europe.
A’daila is looking forward to writing for films and for other artists as well.  She has hopes of signing with a good label where she can be herself musically.  In the mean time, she is finishing up her independent CD available via web very soon..


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